DeBordieu Beach Renourishment Vote Passed!

DeBordieu Beach will soon look like THIS again!debordieu beach aerial

Kudos to the DeBordieu Colony Community Association for voting this week to protect it’s most prized asset.

Soon, DeBordieu owners and their guests will once again have access to all 6.5 miles of beautiful “Debidue Beach.”

There has been alot of controversial press out there lately about legislation allowing the rebuilding of the sea wall at DeBordieu. The best way to protect that sea wall is to renourish the beach…. which will now happen in January of 2015.

DeBordieu Beach Renourishment is a community wide effort and a real show of solidarity among the owners in DeBordieu. There were a few small factions within the community who did not want it to happen for one reason or another, but common sense prevailed, and the vote passed. DeBordieu owners will now pool their funds to pay for the beach renourishment which is predicted to last between 6-8 years. I’m told that during those 8 years, more attention and consideration will be directed toward adding groins to retain the sand before renourishing again.Deb Rooftops at sunrise

DeBordieu owners on the mainland will chip in $3,500 for the project that will span 6-8 years, while those on the island will pay amounts ranging from $7,924 (for an ocean front villa on the north end) to $75,538 (for an ocean front  home on the south end, where the erosion is most pronounced.)

Misinformation in the media (and at cocktail parties) is in abundance. If you would like the real scoop, feel free to contact me.

The latest article I read involved the “de-valuation” of DeBordieu properties…. we just broke the envelope again on a near beach home (sold for $2.2), a marsh view home (sold for $1.6) and a creek front home (sold for $4.6). Now that the beach will be renourished, it won’t be long before DeBordieu Colony Real Estate breaks the ocean front envelope.

So if you are thinking of purchasing a home, lot, or villa on or near the beach at DeBordieu, it’s time. I already have listing owners talking about increasing their list prices now that the vote has passed. Below are links to ocean front properties. For an appointment or tour of the community, call me at 843-455-4523, or email

Ocean Front Homes at DeBordieu

Ocean Front Lots

Ocean Front Villas

DeBordieu Colony is an oceanfront community located just south of Pawleys Island, South Carolina featuring private golf and tennis, saltwater creek access to the ocean, a manned security gate and luxury homes and villas surrounded by hundreds of acres of wildlife and nature preserves. People who have been here say there will never again be a place like DeBordieu. Come see for yourself.

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