Anhinga? or Taradactle?

279 Marsh Lake Drive View from porchWhen I first met the owners of 279 Marsh Lake Drive in DeBordieu, they told me they loved sitting on the porch of their DeBordieu home, looking over 40 acre Bridge Pond, and watching the family of Anhingas that had made a home next to theirs. 

I replied, “that’s nice,” but I had absolutely no idea what an Anhinga was, and had to look it up when I got back to the office. 

anhinga 2They needed a bigger house for their growing family, so we started a search for the perfect home. 

Today, 6 years later, they closed on their new home! (That’s right, there is no statue of limitations on how long I will work with a buyer.) As a closing gift, so they could take their Anhinga with them, I painted a pictanhinga 1ure of their view, with an Anhinga perched on the bank of the lake. The scale is a bit off, so it looks kinda like a taradactle. 



What do you think? 

OH…. by the way, my clients loved it, or at least SAID they did, and are going to hang it in their new house. They are in the process of moving out of their Marsh Lake Villa with the great view, and offer it for sale at $649,000. CLICK HERE for more information and pictures. 

Troi Kaz is a full time, onsite realtor at DeBordieu, and a part time, wannabe artist. For information about DeBordieu, or about Anhingas, contact Troi at, or 843-455-4523. 



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