Wooden Boat Show

wooden boat show 2013 posterIt’s coming up fast! The Wooden Boat Show – Saturday, October 19, 2013,  on the Waterfront in Georgetown, SC!

I think we all got a little distracted with the big fire on front street a few weeks ago, but the Wooden Boat Show is still on go, and is projected to be even bigger and better. It’s wonderful how the people in the Georgetown area have supported the recovery and those affected by the fire.

The Pawleys Island area of the Lowcountry is known for its ties to the coastal waters. As a matter of fact, Georgetown is South Carolina’s third oldest port city.  So it goes without saying that the annual Wooden Boat Show (this is the 24th) is a huge event!

This year’s selected artist for the 2013 event poster is Susan Tiller.  She recreated and enhanced a valuable piece of Georgetown history with her painting titled “Dressed for the Occasion.”  Her husband, Hank, suggested that she paint a pilot boat.  Pilot boats help guide ships into harbors, either by leading them or by bringing a harbor captain who boards the ship and pilots it to the dock.


The painting is based on a vintage pilot boat photo of the W.D. Morgan which was taken on Dec. 19th, 1905 when Georgetown celebrated its incorporation centennial with a street parade and a boat parade.  For more information, visit www.woodenboatshow.com.

Georgetown’s annual Wooden Boat Show is just one of the reasons to love living in DeBordieu and the Pawleys Island area of South Carolina.

For the others, give me a call or shoot me an email. Whether you plan to consider real estate or not, it sure is fun connecting with folks who love the lowcountry as much as I do.

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