Heads up Art Lovers!

Miss South Carolina International 2014, Suzi Roberts, will launch the The stART Initiative in Pawleys Island, SC on Tuesday, June 3. This is something you artsy folks just might want to be involved with from the get-go.start logo

stART aims to provide opportunities for elementary aged children to be exposed to music, dance, theatre, and the visual arts. By inspiring imagination, promoting discipline, enhancing self-esteem and fostering emotional expression, Arts Education helps students stretch their minds – and change their futures.

The program will spread “organically” as community-based chapters led by Chapter Leaders responsible for recruiting participants, leading meetings and identifying learning and growth opportunities. Chapters may emerge from already established youth organizations, schools, etc.

suziThe stART festivities and presentation begins at 6:30pm in Pawleys Island at the Waccamaw Regional Recreation Center…Parkersville Park. With the goal of acquainting every child with the arts, this event will acquaint our community with stART. Patrons of the arts, participants in the arts, families of artists, budding artists (especially between the ages of 5 and 12).

stART hopes to encourage art lovers in  all walks of life to launch chapters that serve as conduits between young people and art. This event will be a Kick stART! Here’s a link to more information: The stART Initiative. 

Good luck Suzi! I’m sure stART will be a huge success!

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