SOLD House Cookies – a taste of things to come!

Cookie_close_upEncouraging real estate agents in the Pawleys Island, South Carolina area to bring their buyer clients to DeBordieu to consider a purchase of Luxury Real Estate is a top priority for me. As we prepare to launch into 2014, I thought it would be good to give these hard working Realtors “a taste of things to come”….. literally. So my elves and I made up a few batches of “SOLD House Cookies.” I then donned my Santa hat and delivered them to their offices. They were a big hit! “The more you eat, the more you’ll sell,” I told them, and reminded them that I was onsite at DeBordieu, ready to serve them and their clients interested in this gated, ocean front community located between Charleston and Myrtle Beach.

At DeBordieu Colony Real Estate, we want to be clear that we “roll out the red carpet” and welcome Realtors and their Buyer Clients. The photos on this page are of a few of the properties that sold in 2013 to buyer clients of Realtors from Pawleys Island, Georgetown, Murrells Inlet, Garden City, and Myrtle Beach.Sold Kirby

HOW IT WORKS: If a realtor who is a member of the Coastal Carolina Association of Realtors physically brings their Buyer Client to DeBordieu the first time, walks them in the door of the sales office, just once, their company will get a full co-broke commission on the buyers side of the transaction. If they are too swamped to accompany the buyer, just by picking up the phone and registering their customer, it’s a 25% referral fee of the buyer agent side. Either way, we will take it from there, whether it takes 5 days or 5 years….when they buy, that realtor will be compensated.Sold2

WHO TO CALL: To make plans to come, and to set showing appointments for multiple properties, only one DCRE agent needs to be called. The agent can call me, Troi Kaz, at 843-455-4523, or call one of my fellow sales executives at the office, 843-546-4176.

The important thing is that the referring agent get quick answers and excellent service.

SOLD copy1WHEN TO CALL: As soon as the agent has a buyer client interested in DeBordieu, it’s best to call and register them. All we need is the name, hometown and verification they are under Buyer Agency. That way, if they visit the website and begin gathering information, the agent is protected.

THE DOG AND PONY SHOW: I wish I had some scientific research to back this up….all I can offer is personal experience, but I can tell you that the more time a prospect spends hearing about DeBordieu’s development philosophy and history in the sales office while looking at all of our beautiful pictures and maps, the more likely it is that they will buy here…..and the more significant their investment will be. When I was working in Pawleys Island and Litchfield, I tried to buzz people through DeBordieu a few times on my own, and I can tell you….it doesn’t work. We encourage agents to USE US! It’s what we’re here for, and it’s all we do. If a buyer doesn’t have time for at least a 5- minute dog and pony show, it’s been my experience that they won’t buy in here anyway. SOLD copy

Again, we want to make sure that Realtors and their clients know that we love transacting business at DeBordieu with area agents. We want to make it easy and lucrative! Please let me know if you have any questions.
And agents….. I hope you enjoyed your SOLD House Cookies: a taste of things to come! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Prosperous, 2014!!!

 DeBordieu Colony is an oceanfront community located just north of Charleston, South Carolina featuring private golf and tennis, saltwater creek access to the ocean, a manned security gate, and luxury homes and villas surrounded by thousands of acres of wildlife and nature preserves. Come see for yourself.


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