The DeBordieu Kazette is alive and well.

OK, so….. about a year ago, I decided to launch a new blog. My thinking then was that very few buyers out there in the cold, cruel world, looking for the perfect place to call home, … or second home,… or retirement home,… knew about DeBordieu, and certainly very few knew how to spell it. So while my company’s website,, would get folks looking for DeBordieu, I wanted to cast a larger net, and be there for people who were interested in homes on the coast of South Carolina, but did not know to look for us.

It was then that this site, was born!

At the time, I had a blog site named after the printed newsletter I used to send out: The DeBordieu Colony real estate Kaz-ette. So I said farewell to the Kaz-ette, and launched my new site.

DeBordieu_Kazette_small_mastheadLately, as I have googled “DeBordieu Colony real estate,” I’ve noticed that I’m still getting really good analytic numbers and page position. So I’ve decided to revive the good ole Kaz-ette, and only feature stories about DeBordieu there.

The CoastalSCHomes site will also include DeBordieu articles, but will also highlight special events and happenings up and down the South Carolina coast from Hilton Head and Charleston, to Myrtle Beach, and even right here in good old Pawleys Island and Georgetown,……. what the Chamber of Commerce here calls “the Hammock Coast.”

So thanks for paying attention to both blogs and let me know if I can ever be of service to you and your family by contacting me at, or 843-455-4523.

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