Holy Moly…. We’re closing property left and right at DeBordieu!
This recent real estate sales activity is pointing to two key behaviors of savvy real estate buyers in this market: (1) they are choosing comm
unities like DeBordieu that offer the most value, and (2) they are buying and closing before the end of the year for many reasons.
The timing issues are pretty obvious. Everybody knows th
at on the coast
of sunny South Carolina, we get most of our sales activity between Easter and Labor Day. Right now, sellers are looking at either sitting on their property through the upcoming long, not-so-cold, winter, OR they can consider and negotiate some of the offers being made by buyers who have the ability to close before the end of the year.

It’s a win/win. Sellers are relieved of their property, and buyers stand a better chance of getting a better deal than they would have gotten if they had waited until the bloom of spring, and the onset of a whole new flock of buyers in the marketplace.
Other factors that come into play include the fact that at DeBordieu, the inventory of homes, lots and villas has never been better. Some buyers that have closed recently have been in

volved in cash transactions, while others have sited low interest rates as the reason they moved forward. Closing by

December 31 also offers significant tax advantages to some buyers and some sellers, who therefore are more likely to negotiate to make the transaction work.
There is no doubt that buyers who can move forward right now want the absolute most bang for their proverbial buck. I honestly know of no other community on the East Coast that offers the complete package of natural and man-made amenities that DeBordieu offers its residents.
Protected by a 24-hour manned security gate, DeBordieu is surrounded by thousands of acres of protected wildlife preserves. The community offers access to six and a half miles of Atlantic beach. There is a boat landing giving DeBordieu residents creek access to the pristine estuary of North Inlet and some of the most fertile fishing ground on the East Coast. Nestled in the

center of all this nature, Pete and P.B. Dye skillfully crafted a private, championship golf course. Other amenities include a tennis center, an oceanfront beach club with swimming pools and fine dining, and nature trails for biking, walking and golf carts.
It’s no wonder that DeBordieu has caught the eye of some of the most savvy real estate buyers in the Southeast and beyond. And if you close before Christmas…. we’ll wrap it for ya!
For more information or to schedule a visit, contact, or call 843-455-4523.
There has never been a better time to consider a purchase at DeBordieu.

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