There are TWO Sides to every story…. even at DeBordieu Colony!

There are TWO sides to every story… even at DeBordieu Colony!

Did you know that the historical marker at the entrance to DeBordieu Colony has TWO sides?

Well , it does!  There are two sides to the DeBordieu Colony story depicted on this beautiful  sign at the entrance to the historic carriage lane, just past the security gate.

You’ve see the front side a million times, particularly if you have visited this exclusive coastal hideaway just north of Charleston, South Carolina, or if you are one of the fortunate few who live at DeBordieu Colony.

The front side of the DeBordieu Colony historical marker reads:

“Many Waccamaw Neck planters summered at the seashore from late May to early November to escape the malarial swamps of the rice fields. DeBordieu and Pawleys Island were favorite destinations. Summer cottages were usually built on the banks of the marsh behind the island. These early homes were constructed on high brick foundations that stood above the rise of gale tides along the creek”.

But if you’ve never pulled over to read the back, or look at it at the end of your walk, bike ride, or golf cart adventure, you might not know that the back side reads:

“Much of what is now DeBordieu Beach was owned by William Alston, who built two seashore houses here by 1800. Each May, Alston and other planters would move their entire household to the shore. Furniture, bedding, and provisions were packed first into boats and then transferred to wagon to complete the journey via narrow carriage roads.”

Like this one at DeBordieu Colony!

If you would like to know anything else about DeBordieu Colony,  the private, oceanfront,  gated golf community just north of Charleston South Carolina, give me a call, text or email or 843-455-4523.

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