DeBordieu Club Crest

The DeBordieu Club Crest…. you see it all over the club facilities at this private equity golf club just north of Charleston, SC. But what does it mean?

When I started working at DeBordieu 30 years ago, in 1986, (OMG, I’m getting old….) the community had no logo. The original develoDeBordieu Club Crestper did no marketing, so it was deemed not necessary. If you were lucky enough to have a friend who knew about DeBordieu, you might of heard of it.

In 1985 when the new developers bought DeBordieu from the Pate family, they brought in P.B. and Pete Dye to ramp up the existing little nine hole golf course, and add another spectacular nine. Still, no logo. For the Grand Opening of the golf course, we wanted to give the Founder Members a special crest to wear on their jacket lapels. So the DeBordieu Club Crest was created.

In the middle of the Crest is a shield. One half of the shield displays an oak, the symbol of strength and of the developement philosophy at DeBordieu which is very protective of its natural surroundings. DeBordieu is surrounded by thousands of acres of protected conservation easements.

The other half displays an anchor, signifying our nautical ties, as does the rope that surrounds the shield.

The birds on either side of the shield are Great Blue Herons, one of our most beloved indigenous species inhabiting DeBordieu.

The fleDeBordieu Club Logour de lis on top of the shield signifies royalty, which is the members of this prestigious club are treated by the staff at DeBordieu.
Our first golf professional, Bob Moser, wanted a logo to put on his golf shirts he sold in the golf shop, so the DeBordieu Club Logo was born, a Great Blue Heron standing in a field of marsh grass as the sun sets behind it.  bird logo navy on white

That logo was changed years later to the bird without the grass and sun, and used only by the DeBordieu Colony Community Association, and the onsite DeBordieu Colony Real Estate company… wear I work!

If you have any other questions about anything to do with DeBordieu, DeBordieu Club, or real estate opportunities here, please don’t hesitate to give me a shout!, 843-455-4523. Thanks!



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