RED Dining Rooms…. so 1999.

They have been popular for about 15 years now, but when you’re trying to sell your house, red might not be the best color for your dining room.burns_dr_before_and_after

Red is associated with stimulating the appetite, so, one would think, how appropriate to put it in the dining room! To that I say, excuse me???? Does our country really need it’s appetite stimulated even more than it is already?

More importantly, when home buyers see a color that could be considered a little dated, they start thinking about how old the house is. “If the décor is dated,” they think, “so might be the plumbing, electrical wiring, etc.” If it’s an old house, who cares? It’s just paint. But if it’s not, you may not be doing yourself any favors by keeping that dining room red.

We have gotten a significant amount of increased interest lately in the home pictured on this page since the owner updated the red dining room to a beautiful neutral beige, and painted the same gorgeous color over the stencils in the foyer.  I have it co-listed with Shawn Roper (former DeBordieu Golf Pro… current DeBordieu Colony real estate Rookie).  It’s a beautiful four bedroom, Low Country style home with the master on the main living level, and a great rec room underneath the house, along with a 3 car garage. It’s only about 12 years old,  has been meticulously maintained, and recently updated!

With another listing, two weeks after the owner painted the red dining room walls, it went under contract! Before I could even get new pictures! Coincidence? ….. I think not. So if you are interested in 91 Blue Heron, you might want to hurry! CLICK HERE for more details and pictures.


When Jeff and I built our home 12 about years ago (OMG, has it been that long?) I was SO into red walls that I insisted we paint the living room, dining area, and kitchen “Grocery Store Red.” I loved it! Eventually, we painted the living room beige because it was very dark, then got rid of the red in the dining area. Now only the kitchen remains red. And we’ll probably paint that sometime this summer.

Hey… maybe I can shed some pounds after we paint!!!!!

What color is your dining room?

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